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Bill Norton is a sojourner, engineer, and retired marketing manager. He has just published the memoir of his experience as a missionary in South Africa: Sojourn on the Veld (available worldwide on Amazon)Bill enjoys writing about God’s outworking in daily life and his next book project is a laymen’s commentary on the book of Proverbs. Over the years, the most impactful spiritual writers and speakers for Bill have been Francis Schaeffer, Ron Dunn, Neil Anderson, John Eldredge, and C. S. Lewis.

     Bill and his family have made international connections a family tradition. One or more have stood on six continents (still working toward Antarctica). Bill and his wife recently celebrated their 40th anniversary with a left-side-of-the-road driving tour of Scotland and England. The family members are all loyal alumni of Auburn University where Bill received his engineering degree. The family sponsors an Auburn scholarship to encourage students to study abroad. 

     Bill holds a master's degree in engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and an MBA from Vanderbilt University where he received The Leadership in Executive Education Award. Bill is a registered Professional Engineer.

      Currently, Bill writes for periodicals, engages in business consulting, and volunteers with civic and charitable organizations. Bill and his wife are members of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham. 

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